So... As you may have known, my over 14GBs of data just lost recently, including the files for the Anti-Chlorobenzene English cover project. The most painful part is, all it needed was the mixing. Everything was done. EVERYTHING.

//sulks in a dirty corner

...So I'll have to start it all over again. I'll be stuck with exams for the next 2 weeks so I'll release the cover in December or January (unless the world ends by that). I'm re-writing the lyrics (fix lots of grammar mistakes, add rhyme,...), and my vocal adjusting skill is better than before, so I think this is gonna be better than the old one (I hope so...)~

2nd. I'm making the VSQ for Anthem by Hatsune Miku (it's in the Re:package album, remember? No? OK.). The off vocal is no where to be found, I guess that's because the song is not so popular due to other songs in the album, so I had to make the unofficial off vocal. However, things are still good, VoiceCapture catches the ecxact notes, so I don't have to worry about the notes and timing. I'm gonna use Rin Append (Power and Sweet, perhaps?) for this cover, and my VOCALOID using skill is the only thing to worry about x"D;;;;; I'm gonna ask Holy Master (darkninjavn on YT) about this, she's a very popular and skilled VOCALOID user that everyone knows about. Vietnamese to Vietnamese, maybe she'll give me some good advices~ I'm still not sure about releasing the VSQ after that, I don't think making VSQ out of Anthem is legal (don't ask me why I'm worrying about this)...

So, that's all. See you soon~

PS: I'm also doing an English talkloid project for VOCALOIDs and UTAUloids. It'll be out soon. Thanks for reading~

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